Emilie U.

Dr. Lenz and his team are super supportive and considerate and were that way through the whole process. Very Happy with how my teeth turned out. Thank you Dr. Lenz!

Katherine K.

I was hesitant to get braces but this was a great experience. I am so happy with the results and am no longer afraid to smile!

Elyse H.

Very Nice job, looks really good!

Tanner K.

Very satisfied with how my teeth turned out

Happy Patient

Dr. Lenz and his staff were awesome. They explained each step along the way so I knew what expect going into the next appointment. Thanks for every you didn’t!

Noah F.

They are super friendly and make your teeth nice and straight.

Carlos G.

It makes your teeth look amazing!

Maggie S.

Incredible staff! It is made very clear that they care about their customers and their teeth.


Great experience, Love my smile.

Nathan B.

It is very helpful! I have a great smile now and before it was bad.

Andrew K.

They were able to help me so much getting my teeth straight.


They treated me very nice, I was comfortable because I knew that they knew what they were doing.

Trenton C.

My teeth are very white and straight. They look great!

Gina L.

It was so nice, everything they do they do with gentle care and your teeth will 100% turn out beautiful. I love how my smile has turned out. They always take their time and go the extra step to make your smile amazing. I recommend Lenz Orthodontics 10/10.

Mia F.

Katie has always been really nice and patient with me. I Appreciate that!

Karl K.

They were professional and kind and they did a great job. I am very satisfied with my treatment!

Lilly K.

Coming here was a great experience and seeing the transformation from before brace and after is mind blowing!

Riley C.

Been coming here since I was 7 and now I’m a Junior in High School. I love my smile and everyone still remembers me when I come in for my retainer checks! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Sam R.

The staff was very helpful and nice.

Cooper S.

The team is very good at what they do!

Riley S.

I love my smile now! The staff we’re very polite and understanding.

Vinnie R.

The employees were always very nice and willing to answer any questions I may have about my braces.

James K.

I like how my teeth are now. They did a really good job!

Madison C.

I’m so glad I decided to get braces when I did because I couldn’t imagine what I would look like without them.

Taylor S.

I really love the doctors here they are sooo nice and helpful. Since the beginning, I have had a wonderful experience. I love my final result!

Matyson S.

I like how fast and easy the appointments are.

Nelly V.

Awesome change on my smile! Thank you Dr. Mark and all the staff.


From the moment you walk in; you know that you will receive the great care that you deserve. Dr. Lenz and his entire team treated me and all the patrons with utmost respect, care and welcoming manner. You are given options, advice, information and payment program that works exactly for your needs. I have recommended Dr. Lenz to all my colleagues and friends who have commented on my beautiful wide smile. I highly recommend their fabulous service. Pay them a visit. You will be glad you did.


I would recommend adults to follow through with orthodontic treatment with Dr. Lenz office, everyone is very nice and they strive for excellence, Thanks!


Excellent service and affordable!


You will feel welcome and comfortable. The level of care is coordinated and carried out to the highest standard. Lenz Orthodontics is the bar for which every dental and medical practice should strive to achieve.


The staff was always so nice and friendly. Everyone is so patient and sympathetic including Dr. Lenz. Dr. Lenz is remarkable. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone I know who wants braces. My smile came out better than I anticipated! Thank you all so much!


The staff and Dr are always pleasant. They do a great job explaining everything they are going to do and answer any questions we may have.


I never thought at 41 that I could have such straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Thank you so much to Dr. Lenz and his experienced team for giving me the smile I always wanted.


My smile is better than I could ever imagine! Thank you Dr. Lenz and his wonderful staff. I am very satisfied.

Brittany B.

I started going to Dr. Lenz when I was an adult for my braces. I loved the way they treated me from the beginning. The staff is wonderful and treated me with kindness and respect. They worked hard… (read more)


After 2 years of braces it finally paid off! my profile looks so much better thanks to Dr.lenz and all the staff, they were all very friendly and made my experience so much better.


Dr. Lenz and his staff have been amazing. We have completed phase 1 with both girls and will be starting soon with our son. It is incredible what can be done orthodontically at such an early age to prevent issues later. Thank you for my kiddos incredible smiles!


Dr. Lenz and his staff have made two phases of braces for two kids a breeze! They are knowledgeable, patient, always running on time for appointments and the kids love going to their appointments, which says a lot about their comfort and the level of care received. The payment options have been flexible and reasonable. I highly recommend Dr. Lenz!Shannon


We are on our third family members treatment here. Being a dental hygienist I get to see a lot of pre and post treatment and have always been very impressed with Dr. Lenz. His office has a great staff and great atmosphere which I am grateful for because there are a lot of appointments.


We have been very happy with the care our kids have received from Dr. Lenz. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for orthodontic treatment.


His treatments are fast and almost painless. The staff is friendly and very knowlegble. His office is very clean and he uses the lastest technology for braces. I am extremely satisfied with my new beautiful smile. He is an artist among orthodontists.


Awesome staff! Pleasure to work with and go through treatment with!

Jill A.

Awesome staff and beautiful office. Dr Lenz is an expert in his field with over 20 years Of experience and his goal of a perfect smile for every Patient. His results are incredible.

Terry M.

The entire team was friendly, helpful, and very professional. As an adult patient I learned something very important: wear those rubber bands!! I am so happy to be finished early. The results are amazing. Thanks you Dr. Lenz!!


Dr Lenz and his staff were excellent!! Great experience and would recommend to others


Lenz Orthodontics is a quality organization willing to give back to the community!


This is my second time putting on braces and this time my experience has been so much better and different than the first time (which was with another orthodontist). I have only had the braces on for seven months and my teeth have improved a lot since then, I am very excited for the end results. The staff is so nice and I feel very comfortable at the office. I would highly recommend Dr. Lenz to anyone looking for a great orthodontist.


The employees were always very nice, and willing to answer any questions I may have had about my braces.




I’m so happy with the results of my teeth and all the workers were amazing

Carlee M

The whole experience was really good! Mr. Lenz really knows what he’s doing and will do his best work. Everyone through the process was very helpful with everything. It was all worth it in the end and the final result was perfect! Thank you!

Khush P

My teeth are nice and straight now. It may hurt when you get them on but, it’s worth it at the end.

John S

The treatment while it was lengthy was worth it! For any new patient just know that while it seems like a long road ahead the reward is worth it! My smile was to say not the greatest before Dr. Lenz now it is much better!

Brianna S

Very kind people with a great outcome in the end. Very patient and hardworking staff that provided great care for their customers.

Lauren N.

Dr. Lenz and the staff are so nice and very good at what they do. I’ve had braces twice and for a long time but I can say that it is truly worth it. I hated smiling before but now I cannot stop. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me!

Alexander B

Dr.Lenz and his staff are amazing. Dr.Lenz and his staff helped fix my teeth with the best of care. Every staff member was very friendly and knew what they were doong. They explained everything that went on during the process. The process does take personal commitment. I would strongly recommend Dr.Lenz and his staff.

Owen D.

Getting braces was quite something… They didn’t really hurt as much as I thought they would. When I thought of braces before I came in, I thought of some heavy metal boxes grabbing your teeth and pulling them at full force trying to get them into place. But that’s not true. Everyone on the staff makes the experience as painless as possible. They’re always ready to take a call like if your wire snapped in mid afternoon they’ll try to help you right away. Getting braces was easy. My brother started before me, but he didn’t finish before me because he didn’t wear his rubber bands. So it’s important to know your brushing angles and wear your rubber bands! ? Thank you Dr. Lenz and Staff!!!

Mel R

Going back into braces as an adult, was nerve wracking. Dr. Lenz and his amazing team, always made me feel comfortable, and positive when thinking about the end result. I’m ecstatic to have a perfect smile, once again, thanks to the entire team. Thank you?

Harsh P.

The people here are very kind and thank you for fixing my teeth.

Delaney R

It was an overall great outcome! Looking back to a few years ago, the improvement that I can see is outstanding. Thank you for giving me the smile I’ve always wished for.

Lilly S.

I feel a lot more confident with my smile now. Staff was very friendly and helpful. It was a great experience!

Lilly S.

I feel a lot more confident with my smile now. Staff was very friendly and helpful. It was a great experience!

Maximilian H.

Amazing. The treatment here was exceptional. I heard the horror stories from my mom about the old fashion orthodontics, and was greatly surprised on how advanced and easy the treatment has become. The faculty is extremely friendly, and Dr. Lenz clearly knows what he is doing. They explain everything in detail and I knew that they wanted the best for me. I recommend Dr. Lenz and his team to many of my friends and anyone who needs orthodontic treatment. Thank you Dr. Lenz! Keep up the amazing work!

Emma K

Braces are a part of life for most kids and Lenz’s helps you get through that part of life the right way. I’ve had my braces ever since 2nd grade and Lenz has helped me from having crooked to perfect.

Rebecca B.

Although the treatment was long, I am very pleased with the outcome. I’m very happy with my new smile and I am excited to share it with the world!

Colton p

Braces are not fun but everyone that works here are really nice

Tanner O.

You have to make sure that you brush your teeth 3 times a day with flossing and fluoride rinse at nighttime. I did that and my teeth really came out looking really great!

Danielle C.

All of the appointments went by smoothly and my teeth and I were treated very good. I am so happy with the result after getting my braces off.

Emily O

Dr. Lenz and his team are great! I’m very happy with my smile. Thank you so much for everything you all did for me. I never imagined my teeth and smile looking this great!! Thanks again

Emily E.

I am very happy and excited about my new smile! Dr. Lenz and his staff did a great job while fixing my smile. They make you feel comfortable and make sure you are aware of what they are going to do next. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lenz he did a great job!

Andy E

Dr. Lenz was amazing with fixing my smile! Both him and his assistants were always making sure that I was comfortable throughout my treatment. While having braces was a big responsibility with brushing and wearing rubber bands, it was all worth it! I love my smile!

Kelsey C

Dr. Lenz and his staff members are amazing. They all have a lot of knowledge and know what’s best for you at all times. I am very pleased with my results. I strongly recommend Dr. Lenz. Thank you again for everything you have done for me.

Connor W

The staff was very nice and Dr Lenz made it easy. The results were great and everything was professional. Wish appointments could be after school.

Annie C

The people that work here are super nice! It was super easy and quick. Thank you Dr. Lenz!

Kendyll G

My experience with Dr. Lenz is going to have a huge impact on my life as I grow up! My teeth are exceptionally straight and beautiful now after my treatment. Thank you Dr. Lenz and staff!

Makayla M

The treatment was very good. They help you understand the importance of keeping your teeth healthy.

Madyson C

I loved Dr. Lenz he took care of my teeth very well and it was always very comfortable.

Zachary G.

Dr Lenz and his team provided excellent care every time I came. My teeth are strait and my bite is perfect all thanks to this amazing group.

Lucas E

Dr. Lenz and his staff are awesome. They know their stuff! I got my braces when I was 22. So I can say from experience to any young adult considering getting them that it’s worth it. My smile looks amazing now! Always remember to wear your rubber bands. I would have had these things off ages ago if I had worn them like I was supposed to!!!

Hunter O

It’s been a long time coming, but it was well worth it. Dr. Lenz and his crew worked wonders on my teeth and I couldn’t be more happy.

Savannah F

The results are AMAZING!? I love the way my teeth look I’m so happy☺️! I do recommend coming to Dr.Lenz Because He’s Just Amazing at what he does and you will be satisfied with the finale results With a Wonderful Smile

Hayden A

I think that Everyone does a great job here. It is time taking but if you want to get your braces off faster then wear your rubber bands! Everyone here does a great job and everything has went well. I suggest going to Lenz for getting braces if you want nice people and good teeth.

Natasha M

Dr. Lenz and his team worked a miracle on my teeth. They are looking and feeling amazing. Everyone here was super helpful and were willing to answer any questions I had. Braces are hard to keep up with, but they made it a lot smoother of a process. Thank you!

Riley E

I could of been out of braces so much sooner if I would’ve listened to them and not broken my brackets and actually wear my rubber bands


My experience with braces has been a long one but it has been totally worth it. Everyone is very nice and understanding. When you first get them you will be in a lot of pain but when you get them off you feel free. The results are worth it!

Achyut Krishnan

Great service and I’m really happy with my end result! They really walk you through what the process is.

Shawn y

It is great if you take care of your teeth one only advise is to makes sure to listen to them

Eden k

When I first came here I was really scared. But throughout my time coming here I really started to enjoy the people who worked on my teeth and how they weren’t shy to talk and were fun to talk to in general. I’m very happy on how my teeth turned out and I thank you guys very much for all the hard work you did with them?


Very good results and kind and caring orthodontists.

Connor P.

The people here were always nice when I came in. They made my smile great and I love it.

Gabby G

The staff team was super nice and friendly during my treatment time and Dr.Lenz was also very friendly and gentle with my teeth. I had a really pleasant experience at Dr.Lenz’ offices!!

Kristin W

Doctor Lenz and his staff were great to work with, I’m in love with my results! Thank you for everything!


I just want to thank Dr. Lenz and his staff. I was happy with my results. i enjoy coming to the dentist because of the positive people. Thank you.

Ethan W

I’m very happy with my results. I originally had larger problems with my teeth, but Dr. Lenz and his staff made it all well. Everyone was so nice and the service was excellent. For anyone getting braces I would recommend going here.

Ian M

I have had a very good experience with here. All of the people are well trained and very nice. I would recommend them to other people because they did a very good job at straightening my teeth and now I can smile with straight teeth.

Peyton N.

My experience here has been awesome! I couldn’t believe my final result! The people here are great and they treat me even better. I’m going to recommend you to everyone! Thanks for a great experience! You guys are the best?

Neeti P

There are not enough words to describe how wonderful Dr. Lenz and his staff are. From their orthodontic treatment to the kindness they never fail to show, they have not once faltered in excellence. My 2 years as a patient have been very worthwhile and the results were no less than amazing! I would strongly recommend Dr. Lenz and his staff!

Katelyn A

I thought you guys really made my teeth beautiful. I do believe that perhaps your hours on when I could come in could be thought out better. Perhaps more times passed 4. But besides that I really enjoyed coming here. Thank you ?


Very friendly employees

Carlista P

Everyone is very nice here! Very happy with how my teeth look!

Maddie Z

Everyone is super nice and I am very happy with how straight my teeth are

Emily N

I had a great experience and I love my straight teeth

Nick M

I thought the process was fast and the results are great. The people are very nice and talk you through what they are going to do. I’m very glad that I did this.

Alexa A

It wasn’t easy with braces when I first got them on but I realized I was used to it.

Ashley B

If you’re just going to be getting braces, it’s really not that bad. I know you have probably heard of the ‘pain’ you go through, but you’re going to be good. You’ll only be sore for two or three days after you get tightened. If you ever brake anything, just call and tell them. It’s always better for them to know before then, then after you get to your appointment. Thank you for all you guys have done for me, I’m very happy if my new smile. Thank You!!!

Karma H.

Dr. Lenz and all of the staff are very wonderful people because a couple of years ago my teeth were all crooked and growing wrong but as soon as I got my first set of braces they changed instantly. Thank you for all your hard work and helping me make my teeth beautiful and thank you for letting me have a great time while coming here.

Cheyanna B

I love my smile. Dr. Lenz and his team was awesome. They keep encouraging me to do the right thing. I would recommend Dr. Lenz and his team to anyone. Thank you!

Gabriel P

My teeth ended up looking very nice and straight, but remember to always wear your rubber bands!

Jenna M

I am very pleased with how they did my braces. I have a heathy smile now and I love it! You do have to take care of them on your own but it is worth it. They explained everything to me very nicley and helped me though it. They are the best!

Haley S.

I have awesome well waited for results, I love how my teeth turned out. Something that helped me was the wax in the beginning, I wish I could have had it somewhere that my little sister wouldn’t have rouiened it.

Abby b

Having braces hurts but in the end it is very rewarding to see the end result.

Mariah M

At first I was scared to get my braces put on, considering I dreaded the dentist office, but after visiting Dr. Lenz office they completely changed my mind. I looked forward to every appointment to see the progress I was making with my braces! His staff is super polite and make you feel comfortable no matter what questions or concerns you may have. I’m very thankful my mother chose Dr. Lenz to perform my orthodontic work. I definitely recommend his office and staff to all my family and friends!

Ian S.

I really liked how they executed everything throughout my experience. They made it really simple.

Gabriela A.

I truly love the results! I’ve waited years for this opportunity and I am extremely content to have chosen Dr. Lenz. Dr. Lenz as well as his staff did an amazing job, from the beginning to the end of my treatment. I will definitely recommend them! Thank you!

Robbie L

My smile is now bigger and better and I love it. Dr. Lenz and the staff were very helpful in walking me through the process. I’m very happy I got braces.

Noah K

I had a great experience with Dr. Lenz and his team. I went in with a large overbite and minor cramming of the bottom teeth. Now, my teeth are straight and my jaw sits normally, greatly improving the look of my profile. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lenz to anyone needing orthodontic work. Just follow their coaching, wear your rubber bands, and you’ll be golden.

Bronte J.

I haven’t been to other orthodontics other than this one so I can’t compare and contrast, although I enjoyed my experience here. Everyone was very nice.

Jayden K

They were very helpful and friendly to all there patients. The staff did really well at treating the braces and the patients.

Patrick G

Very happy with my smile! When I first walked into Dr. Lenz’s office I had a huge overbite and crooked teeth. Now I have neither of those. Dr. Lenz and his staff are very kind, very professional and very good at what they do. I am very happy with my results and if given the option I would do it all again.

Alexis D

Having braces was so great, I didn’t think that the results would be so shocking but my teeth look super different! But if you sensitive teeth like me some of the polishing can hurt.

Jessica S

My teeth are finally straight! I love the way my teeth are and I’m so happy with the service!

Anthony S

I love my new smile!! Thanks Dr. Lenz

Jessica S.

Amazing results! I’m so happy that I got braces with Dr. Lenz and his team. He and the staff are friendly and patient and they did a wonderful job on my smile. The results are very worthwhile and I would highly recommend him and his team. Thank you so much for giving me a great smile!

Alyssa E

My teeth look better than I ever expected!

Sydney L.

First getting my braces on my teeth were sore, so I suggest eating a lot of ice cream. Having my braces on, my teeth would get a little sore after getting them tighted. After getting my braces off my teeth felt funny, it just takes some getting used to. Thank you Dr. Lenz and your team for helping me get a beautiful smile!


I would like to thank the staff and Dr.Lenz himself for fixing the problems I had with my teeth. I’m not done just yet, but so far it has been pretty good. Obviously these people are professionals and do their job very well, and from observing while getting examined, they work very hard and get the job done. They ask and explain how to maintain your teeth and do it thoroughly. It will take time to get things done, especially if there are a lot of patients to tend to, but overall they manage to get each and everyone of us examined and we walk out with improvements to our teeth.

Annabel Y

It was a good experience and helped improve my smile. All of the staff were amazing with helping me through the whole experience. Thank you so much!

Willow A

Very easy. Almost painless. I was allowed to enjoy my own music which helped me take away from what was going on. Very friendly people. I was told if I ever needed a break I could raise my hand at any time which was comforting. The process felt quicker than I expected. I can’t wait to show off my new smile! Thank you everyone!

James McKnight

My smile looks great and I couldn’t be happier. The people here took great care of me and make sure that I had the best experience possible. I thank them for giving me the great smile I have!

Kayleigh G

Coming here to get braces on might have been the best decision ever. The professionals here did a very well job making my teeth look perfect Before braces I did not ant to smile in front of people because the way my teeth looked but now I can’t wait to show off my new smile

Broc G

Very nice people and very quick

Zandy g

Everyone is super nice and helpful, you can get points by wearing a dr Lenz t shirt and get a gift card, after a couple years of braces and rubber bands my teeth a white, straight and beautiful

Noel N

Dr.Lenz and his staff were amazing every step of the way. Very highly recommended.

Betsie O

Getting braces at 55 was a big move. My kids didn’t want me to, but this was something I wanted to do for me. I had braces as a teenager, but broke my retainer in college and never replaced it. Needless to say my teeth moved, became crowded in areas and my overbite returned. Having braces was exponentially easier than I expected. They really didn’t show very much and my whole mouth and face feel straight, strong and supported. Thanks to Dr. Lenz and his team!

Jack P

Everything was good. It just took longer than expected.

Amber R

This has been such a great expirence to go through, from day one to my final day! Dr. Lenz and everyone on his team made my teeth look beautiful! I am so thankful for everyone!

Ava K.

I love how my smile turned out. I had a treatment of only a few years and had fast results. Even though the process was very painful, it was worth it! Thank you Dr. Lenz and staff!

Kethan B.

The treatment was very good. Everyone is very nice and understanding. The staff is very helpful and always gave me great advice on how to handle the pain. This made my experience great here at Lenz Orthodontics. I would definitely recommend Lenz Orthodontics. I would also like to thank them for the great smile they gave me.

Bryce J

My experience at Dr.lenz’s was great and I got to learn how they kept my teeth strait and how to stay on track with the things they told me I had to do between appointments so I could get my braces off which I was excited about.

Zachary A

When I first desided to get my braces my teeth were completely messed up. But now that I had braces they are as straight as can be. If I had not gotten braces my teeth would still be really bad so I am glad that I did.

Quinn K.

The staff here is very nice, and they are very interactive with frequent raffles, meet ups, and other things of the sort. I have to say, my new smile looks great!

Ashley c

I like everyone that works here always helpful, friendly and talkative

Joyce M

Wow! I can’t believe my new smile. Dr. Lenz is an artist among of orthodontist. He and his team care and are very professional. I’m forever grateful for my smile. Thank you.

Mallori C

My experience with braces was great and I love the outcome.

Jade R.

Something I have really enjoyed is they always take care of me. Everyone here goes above and beyond for the patients and I couldn’t be more thankful! My teeth are perfectly straight thanks to Dr. Lenz and the staff.

Payton T

Great friendly staff! Great Smiles

Pam J

Overall, the experience of full braces on upper and lower teeth was well worth it. I am 61. My teeth moved quite a bit over the years so though I wore full braces throughout my teenage years, I required them again. The entire process is enormously improved since my childhood experience. Dr. Lenz was very honest in his assessment and exactly correct in his assessment of length of time needed for my corrections, 18 months. Dr. Lenz and his entire staff were very professional, very organized and exacting in their work hence an excellent outcome. My teeth look great and feel wonderful too. Thanks for the excellent work.

Dominic E

Everyone was always very nice and respectful

Aiden M

Everyone is incredibly nice and they left me with an amazing smile!

Collin J

It took a pretty long time for the end results but it was definitely worth it and I was very impressed with the results. I’m glad I chose Dr. Lenz as my orthodontist

Calvin d

It took a long time but it’s worth it ??

Jodie R

Friendly staff, fantastic results! So glad I chose Dr. Lenz!

Michael G.

Throughout the course of my treatment, those who have helped me on my way to a perfect smile were all that a patient could ask for. Thank you for the smile (figuratively and literally)!

Kirra O

The staff here are so nice!

Sharon E

I found Dr Lenz and all of the staff always professional,friendly and comforting. I knew before my first visit what a great reputation Dr Lenz had. He has a very high benchmark and more then lived up to the high standards. It took me many years to have the courage to pursue the braces as an older adult and so glad I did

Nathan Brewer

I really like how they reinforced when something had to be. The lenz family made my smile better than ever and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Maddy M

Love the outcome!

Olivia A

Great results I just have to tell you something to help it go faster ware your rubber bans and BRUSH and thank you to all the people who helped me in this THANKS!!!!

Emily G

I had a great experience here the staff was exceptional, they were nice and caring. My teeth turned out great I would definitely recommend coming here for your braces.

Will ingold

The process might take a long time but it’s worth it!!

Gabe S

I’m happy that I now have straight teeth and the people were really nice.

Owen S

The treatment was fast and easy and all the people are very nice and if you are straggling they will show you how to do it right.

Riley N

Really like my teeth now, worth the wait and all the appointments

Krislyn D

The results are wonderful! I can’t be any happier. The staff is great. The visits were easy and quick. My experience was wonderful. Thank you!

Katie B

Cannot describe how amazing it feels to have straight teeth! Thank you Dr. Lenz and your staff for being so friendly and really helping me to understand the process. Cannot wait to show it off! 🙂

Grace D

I love how everyone here is really nice

Sierra L.

Everyone is so helpful and nice! I love my new smile.

Brittany marweg

I really enjoyed coming here these past few years. I remember the first time coming here and having dr. Lenz tell me how amazing my smile would look when I get my braces off and I really think my teeth look great. And I love my smile even more now that I have my braces off. Im very lucky to have been able to come here and have them work on making my teeth and smile look perfect. A big thank you to Dr. Lenz and everyone else that helped make this happen!

Amber s

After getting my braces removed I’m extremely happy with my smile. I would definitely recommend them.

Peter S

Over all it was a good experience and Dr. Lence and his staff did a excellent job.

Olivia M.

This is the absolute best orthodontist! I recommend it for anyone who needs ortho care! ☺️?

Jackson T

Everyone here is fantastic. They all try to hey you no matter how good or bad the it is. You might think they’re mean, but eventually you come to love them. There the great place to come for your teeth. Thanks guys 😉

Joshua W

They did a good job. It went well and I feel good about my smile

Chris G

It was great! Staff was very friendly and talkative. And I have a great smile!

Lexie M

Coming here with such an awesome staff makes me forget about all the poking, prodding, and drilling that goes on! If you do everything that is required of you, your experience will be faster than expected. Now I am not ashamed to show my teeth, since now they are better than I could ever imagine! Thank you Doctor Lenz and staff for everything!


I didn’t like it at first but feel like I’m missing a part of me that they are gone. Thanks for the straight set of teeth

Hailey H

I love my new smile! It is totally worth it!

Ian R

The work done on my teeth was amazing and the staff was helpful and thoughtful.

Zachary R

What a wonderful feeling to be done after all those years. Dr. Lenz and his team really are exceptional. The whole process made the end worthwhile. I couldn’t have asked for a better result. I just want to thank him and his wonderful team again, and would recommend him to anyone. Don’t wait!

Jenna s

Great staff, super friendly and nice. Amazing results.

Katie Jester

I absolutely loved the staff and the end result couldn’t be better!

Dara H

I loved the end result. I’m glad that I have straight and beautiful teeth.

Juana G

Don’t have anything bad to say about such a great team. Thank you Dr.Lenz for such an amazing job. I LOVE MY SMILE. Such a great experience, I would definitely recommend you guys everywhere I go. One again thank you Dr. Lenz and all the staff. Keep up the great work. Love:Juana

Daniel W

Initially, I was nervous on dedicating a few years to wearing braces. After the first appointment, I was reassured instantly because of how much effort and care Dr. Lenz and his workers put into each person. I started off with a huge overbite, and extremely crooked teeth which are all now corrected. They’re providing a very good service here, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Shannon S

They did a really good job fixing my teeth! I really like the outcome and the process with braces wasn’t bad at all. Highly recommend coming to Lenz for braces

Deanna L

The staff are very friendly and help make you feel comfortable during your treatments. I never liked to smile before and now look forward to my new smile.

Peter N.

My experience at Lenz Orthodontics was amazing. The people there really nice and always got me in and out fast. They did an amazing job throughout my treatment. They always recommended what was best for me and my teeth. I would not have had it any other way. Thank you to Dr Lenz and his team!

Rachael B

I had a great experience with Mark Lenz Orthodontics. No complaints.


I would like to thank Dr. Lenz and the entire team here for excellent service at each appointment. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lenz tonight others.

Carson K

The staff here was very nice. They always told you clearly what and what not to do. With their help, I was able to get my braces off 3 months early!

Christian C

Awesome. Dr. Lenz and everyone got my teeth straight and perfect. No issues at all.

Hailey S

I want to first say thank you Dr.Lenz and his wonderful staff. Without your help I wouldn’t have this beautiful smile! Dr. Lenz and his staff fixed all my flaws and they are very respect people. I can’t thank you enough! Thank you!

Kelsey H

I had a great experience with Dr. Lenz. They were always ready to answer any questions and very helpful. I am very happy with how my treatment turned out!

Emily Z

Dr Lenz and his team made my smile perfect. Everyone here is very polite and caring. They fixed all of the flaws I had with my teeth. I can not thank them enough for all they have done. Thank you!

Gordon B

Great staff. Timely appointments and scheduling. I highly recommend Dr Lenz!

Zack Higgs

Love my new smile! Just got them off and my teeth feel great. The process was easy, and I was very impressed with the staff. Every one was very professional and helpful from the start to the finish. Just follow there instructions and everything will be fine. Very impressed with Dr. Lenz.

Logan A

Everyone was very nice and kind.

Jack M

I thought it was great and that now that I have my braces off it is even better.

Kennedy H.

When I had braces it didn’t hurt all the time except for the first 2 or 3 days when I was getting used to wearing them. I also did not have them as long as I thought I was going to.

Liliana M.

Dr. Lenz and his entire staff are wonderful. I’m extremely happy with the treatment results. Throughout the whole process everyone showed professionalism and my questions and concerns where always addressed. I’ll highly recommend Dr. Lenz to anyone wanting a beautiful smile.

Dade R

Big thanks to Doctor Lenz and the team for giving me a great smile.

Bailey g

The employees here are so sweet and amazing! They’ll make sure that your time with your braces is enjoyable, and you’ll LOVE the way things look when you’re done.

Victor V

A perfect result! A team of knowledgeable and skillful professionals alongside Dr. Lenz gave me the smile I was only able to dream about. I strongly recommend! Thank you!

Morgan L

I am so happy to finally have my braces off. Dr. Lenz did a great job!

Makayla T

I like how my new smile it white and perfect.

Andrew B.

It was a pretty long process and it takes a lot of time and effort to be able to make it all the way through the process but, trust me in the end it all pays off your teeth are straight and your overbite is gone. In the end it’s all worth it.

Breydn D

I am very happy with the results of my treatment. They did a great job throughout this and I am thankful.

DeAnn W.

I can’t believe the transformation in my bite, my teeth, and my smile! I’m so glad that I came to Dr. Lenz. He and the staff are patient, knowledgeable and so very friendly! I can’t thank them enough!

Delaney T

I really liked my time here and how my smile turned out. Before I got my braces off I looked at a picture right before I got them on. The difference was amazing. So glad that they gave me a beautiful smile. No more braces!!!!

Carson E

It was a great experience. I am happy with the results, and I am glad that I got my braces off before high school.

Alesha H.

Wonderful experience, quick and efficient. I wanted my braces off right before I went on vacation, and Dr. Lenz made it happen! Very happy and pleased!

Catie C

When I started treatment, I had a HUGE crossbite in my upper teeth-my front teeth were more forward than they should have been, and my back teeth were WAY too close to the middle of my pallet. Now, thanks to Dr Lenz, I have a beautiful smile. From one patient to another, KEEP UP WITH YOUR BRUSHING AND WHATEVER ELSE YOU HAVE TO DO. If not for my own bad habits, my treatment would have been not only efficient, but also painless. Thank you Dr Lenz!

Alondra M

Loved the end results. Thank you to all the staff for the amazing experience. I most definitely recommend Dr. Lenz and the team!

Stephen T.

Adjustments and getting a new wire kinda hurt at first, but in the long run it’s worth it

Lizzie B

My sisters before me had gone to Dr. Lenz And my mother worked as an assistant, I believe, so I was already very familiar with his work. I didn’t have any doubt with my go-around because I had seen the two previous ones on my sisters. I’m extremely happy with the results I got, and I have recommended Dr. Lenz to a few people before. I still do recommend him. His work is phenomenal and I can assure you that you’ll be pleased with the results.

Emma Brouwers

They always made sure you were comfortable and whenever you wanted them to stop or take a break they would 🙂

Rachel C.

I had a wonderful experience with my braces! It was way different then I expected but the wonderful staff made it way easier for me. Everyone was very helpful in the process and made it fast and easy for me. They where made sure I knew what I was doing and even when I might have forgotten something they made sure to remind me in a very nice way. THANK YOU!!!!

Taylar G

I couldn’t be any happier with my results. I never thought I would actually love my smile and now I DO!! Everyone always made my appointments enjoyable. Thank you everyone for making me LOVE my new smile!! 🙂

Happy Patient

Dr. Lenz, Therese Lenz and everyone at the office have been a breath of fresh air during my orthodontic treatment. Take it from my experiences, with Dr. Lenz and his office you are getting the best quality treatment, with amazing staff, in an incredibly well run office for the best cost to benefit ratio. You get what you pay for– the old lesson I learned the hard way. There are other less expensive orthodontists but don’t take the chance I did and have to pay twice to find out the hard way—Dr. Lenz is the superior choice. Dr. Lenz and staff have accommodated some unusual scheduling issues for me and really came through and delivered when I was up against some very critical time lines. Thanks so much! Their care really makes you feel like you are part of a family. This is one of those unusual cases where it really is as good as it sounds. I think Lenz Orthodontics is one in a million.

Conor Kelly

I liked how all the people who worked here were really nice

Ellie O

I am very happy with the final result of my teeth. They are straight and beautiful and my yearbook pictures have definitely gotten much better since starting the process of having my teeth straightened.

Erin P.

While I had my braces I learned a lot about being responsible and taking care of myself and my teeth. It was a very long and not always enjoyed journey but the end results were amazing. Thank you!

Russ F

I put off getting braces for 40 years. Why did I wait! The results is terrific. The discomfort was unnoticeable. The staff and quality are absolutely the best. Smile everyone!

Alison S

The wo keys at Lenz Orthodontics are very nice and understanding and I love how my smile turned out! It doesn’t even look like me!

Josh S

Dr. Lenz and his staff are wonderful, very friendly and get the job done well. Teeth tuned out great and came off very fast

Erin L

I like that my teeth are so much straighter & my smile looks nice. The employees are very nice to work with.

Idalis R

I’m really glad I got my braces with Dr Lenz! It really is worth the wait because the end results are amazing!!! I recommend everyone to come here!!!

Kaitlyn F

I really enjoyed my time here at Dr. Lenz. Even though I am happy my braces are off I sure am going to miss the hygienists and Doctor Lenz. Dr. Lenz is definitely the place to go to for orthodontics work. 10/10 I would recommend!

Mitch G

They did a great job with my teeth.

Bailey D

I have really enjoyed my treatment here. Everyone is super sweet and really cares about you. Dr. Lenz is super meticulous and really knows what he is doing. I really appreciate everything they have done for me! Thank you so much!!

Michael m

My smile looks great!

Brianna H.

Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. I love my smile since my braces are.

Hannah B

Christie made my experience with braces very good.

Christian S

I’m really confident with my smile and the work the people here have put into it.

Madelynn M

My teeth turned out fantastic! I am so happy with the results.

Kristen Z

The entire experience has been great, thanks to Dr. Lenz and his wonderful staff. From day one, they’ve been nothing but helpful and professional, keeping me well informed through the process and also keeping me accountable. I would highly recommend Dr. Lenz and his staff for all ages.

Mark l

Dr. Lenz and his staff were awesome. They explained each step along the way so I knew what expect going into the next appointment. Thanks for every you didn’t!

Jack T

I enjoyed my experience with Dr. Lenz and the crew. They made my smile very nice and something to show off. Thank you so much?

Sarah F.

I love my new smile!!! I think everyone here did a great job contributing to it. I definitely think this is a great place to get a great smile!! I am so happy with how my process went and I think my smile turned out great!!!!


Having braces on it helped my smile and it made a huge difference. This office is fantastic I would recommend friends to come here.

Dylan S

I had a great experience with Dr. Lenz and his staff. They did an awesome job fixing my overbite. They did an excellent job fixing my teeth and giving me a great smile as the result. Now I don’t feel bad about my teeth. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

Hailey H

Before I got my braces on I thought they would hurt and I would hate them but they didn’t and I’m happy I got them.

Brian W

I love my new smile! My teeth are amazing. Thanks Dr. Lenze.

Hailey S.

I’m now a freshman in high school, but I began treatment for my underbite in 3rd grade. The treatment is not all fun and games. It takes a lot of patience, and it can be painful after every adjustment. However, in the end, I was satisfied with the result. Also, Katie is very cool.