Lenz Smile Guard

Lenz Orthodontics uses advanced digital technology to create and deliver the most state of the art retainer system possible. With the Lenz Smile Guard, you will receive TWO clear retainers and one 3D printed model. This allows patients and parents the ultimate solution to maintain your beautiful healthy smile for a lifetime!

First, using the iTero Element 2 digital scanner (link the text in blue to the iTero page of the website), our patients’ new smiles are scanned creating a 3D digital computer model of their straight teeth. No more goopy impressions! Two clear retainers and one 3D printed model are fabricated. The first clear retainer is worn to maintain your new beautiful smile. The second retainer is a backup in case of breaking or losing the first clear retainer. The 3D printed model is the ultimate smile insurance policy; if both clear retainers are lost or broken, bring the 3D model to Lenz Orthodontics and we will fabricate new retainers. Also, for our athletes, a custom mouth guard can be made from your 3D model!

After all the time and effort of working towards the smile of your dreams, maintaining that new smile for a lifetime is the ultimate goal. By using the most advanced digital technology the new Lenz Smile Guard retention system gives our patients the best opportunity to maintain their beautiful healthy smile for a lifetime!

smile guard