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When you consider the cost of orthodontic treatment, also consider the lifelong benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile. The cost of orthodontic treatment will depend on many factors, including the severity of the problem and the complexity and length of treatment.

At Lenz Orthodontics our goal is to provide you with affordable, high-quality orthodontic treatment that fits your budget. That’s why we offer competitive pricing with a variety of payment options, including a no-down-payment option, interest-free monthly payment plans, credit card payments and outside financing.

Dr. Lenz is proud to be a Delta Dental Premier Network Orthodontist

Delta Dental Premier Insurance provides an unmatched level of patient protection. When you schedule an initial exam with our office, we will gladly verify your insurance benefits and review them with you during your consultation.

As a convenience to our patients, we are happy to file insurance claims for treatment.

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