Damon Braces

What are they?

Your “self-ligating” Damon braces have been uniquely prescribed for you. This innovative technology allows us to use high-tech, light-force wire to acheive tooth movement with less pressure on your teeth for more comfortable treatment. Since the Damon braces work more efficiently, we will require fewer office visits to achieve your beautiful smile!

What do I do?

To achieve your goal of a beautiful, healthy smile you must diligently follow Dr Lenz’s instructions. Patients who brush and floss thoroughly and regularly; avoid hard sticky and chewy foods; faithfully wear their elastics; and keep their appointments, will finish treatment on time with excellent results.

How will it feel?

You may feel short term pressure and tenderness in your teeth for a few days after the braces are placed. A non-prescription pain medication may be taken if needed. Softer foods and cutting foods into smaller pieces is recommended for the first week. If the braces bother the inside of your cheeks or lips, place orthodontic wax on the braces. The topical anesthetic cream can be applied to soothe any irritated areas. Warm salt water rinses are also very soothing.


It will take more time to brush and floss you teeth after your braces have been placed. Be sure to thoroughly clean your braces after every meal with your toothbrush, especially concentrating on the gum lines. Floss daily, utilizing your floss threaders. Use your fluoride rinse daily throughout your orthodontic treatment. Check carefully when you are finished brushing to make sure that your teeth, gum lines and braces are sparkling clean!

Avoid all hard, sticky or chewy foods which can damage your braces. Also avoid soda, even diet soda, and sports drinks, as these cause discoloration and decay. Use your fluoride rinse throughout your orthodontic throughout.